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Bharti khurana is a delhi- based couturier in the world of fashion known for her global design sensibility-ties. Her journey so for has been one of a kind that is a perfect marriage between exquisite embroideries, nouveau texturizing techniques and new technologies. Bharti khurana started her journey 10 years ago , and since then there has been no turninig back.The exuberant passion for fashion and style drove the de-signer “BHARTI KHURANA” and her daughter “AASHNA KHURANA” to launch their high and fashion boutique studio “OM” in and making their mark in fashion industry.Bharti and Aashna’s designs stand for grand- richness and style evoking sensuality with a blend of modern and vintage refined style.


Posted by OM couture by Bharti and Aashna on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Bharti khurana : Managing Director
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Siddharth Khurana : Marketing Director
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Aashna Khurana : Director
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